Muly – Short Video Sharing App

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Muly – Short Video Sharing App

Muly is a featured, scalable short video that includes first-party support for cloud deployment by default.

The API is secured by personal access tokens.

the admin panel is reactive

thanks to its Laravel + Livewire foundation.

Whereas the Android app is built on Material Design principles following easy, less code to understand and iterate upon.

Ranking algorithm

The algorithm is pretty intelligent. It keeps track of users watched videos and shows the unwatched first. Even after that to prevent a repeat, it randomizes once the user has watched all unwatched. In both scenarios, clips from verified users are preferred to appear first.

System requirements

  • Cloud or VPS server (with root access recommended).
  • PHP 7.2 & MySQL 5.7 or higher.
  • No need to install FFmpeg on the server.

Technology used

  • Laravel + Livewire
  • Latest Android SDK + MVVM
  • Firebase Cloud Messaging

Feature highlights

  1. See videos & read the news.
  2. Like, comment, and engage with content.
  3. Login with FacebookGoogle & OTP (Msg91 / Twilio).
  4. Follow, unfollow your favorite creators.
  5. Real-time one-to-one messaging.
  6. Instant push notifications with FCM.
  7. Download and share with the watermark.
  8. Record new video or upload existing.
  9. Choose from the library or copy the song from the video.
  10. Recording with a start/stop timer.
  11. Real-time camera filters.
  12. Apply filters to existing videos.
  13. Slo-mo and other video speed options.
  14. Privacy on Video & comments.
  15. Store files on S3 or DigitalOcean.
  16. Pre-integrated with Google AdMob for revenue.

What’s included?

  • The admin panel source code.
  • The Android app source code.
  • The pre-built demo APK.
  • Installation guide as PDF.

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