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HighWayPro v.1.4.2

Why Choose HighWayPro v.1.4.2

Popular hosted URL shortener services like bit.ly expose your link stats to everyone, including your competitors. With HighWayPro, your analytics are fully private.

Detailed Analytics

You shared the same link on different websites/pages. How do you know what’s the best performant source? With HighWayPro, you get detailed analytics such as country, a device used, and the referring page.* Please note: If your site serves visitors from the European Union, it is your responsibility to compile with the GDPR law.

Your links, under your control

  • Store your links in one place, use them everywhere.
  • 8 Condition Types (1 new): From country of origin to device used, send your traffic to different destinations
  • Advanced Analytics: Analyze who, where, and how clicked on your links.
  • Automatic link insertion: Insert links into existing posts with the click of a button!
  • Track your social media traffic by creating and setting a short URL for every post, automatically!
  • Gorgeous Dashboard: Create URLs, view stats, and more easily with the API-powered HighWayPro Dashboard

Send Users to Different Targets

Conditions are one of the most exciting and powerful features of HighWayPro. Redirect your traffic to different URLs based on the location they are, the device they are using, the web page they are coming from, and much more!

8 Conditions to Choose From

  • Device
  • Country
  • Disposable
  • Date Limit
  • Hour Range (NEW)
  • Referrer (Origin)
  • User Agent
  • Roles & Capabilities

6 Different Targets

  • Direct
  • Rotating (NEW)
  • Post Type (Post, Page, Product + more)
  • Content (Post type without redirecting) (NEW)
  • Taxonomy (Categories, Tags + more)
  • Not Found (404)

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